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Preferences - One Direction
another bandmate comes in to the room while you have sex with one of them? and he buys you sextoys, and he wants to watch you using them? haha, dirty! only suggestions :) I LOVE your preferences btw, they're awesome! best preferences I've ever read :D keep up the good work xx

The 1º one I already have on the list “One of the boys walk in on you having sex”. And thank you for the suggestion!!!! x

Hey lovely, can I please get a dirty preference? My name is Silvi and I would love it if its with Zayn :) Ummm it would be our first time but neither of us are virgins <3 thanks!

Hi Silvi :) Yes I will do it :) It’s going on the list x

You are having sex for the first time (not only as a couple but you're a virgin) please make them all dirty and a bit long <3 -samantha

Okay, I will try! It’s going on the list, thank you for the suggestion! x

Sometimes my fingers type before I can register... I meantttt "can you do one where you go into labor, but he is touring on the other side of the world??:)"

ahaha no problem. Yes! It’s going on the list x

Hey! remember me? I was the one requesting all those perverted preference? ;)

helloo, yes x

Can you do a preference where you go Ito labor but Ed touring in another country?:)

huuum, i dind’t really understood. You go in to labor and they are touring in another country? is that? x

"-Come on babe, just try it!” – Zayn said sitting on some chairs close to the pool with a pot cigarette on his right hand.
-“Thank you, but no thank you.” – You were going closer to the pool and taking off your summer dress leaving a bikini your boyfriend had bought for you.
He putted he cigarette in his mouth making the smoke go on the air erasing the cigarette after.
-“You look stunning on that bikini I bought you” – He said with a high smile on his face.
You looked at him shaking your head.
- “You really should stop smoking that stuff” – You say getting gently and slowly in the pool
He gets up wearing his swimming shorts and going behind you grabbing on your waist.
- “You said it was sexy when I smoked. “ – He says in your ear kissing your neck gently.
-“And it is” – You sigh turning around to face him making your faces so close your lips almost touch. – “But I’m worried about you Bradford Badboi.”
He laughs kissing your lips and holding you tightly.
- “I love you (Y/N)” – He says pressing open mouth kisses across your neck going down on your chest. His hands were grabbing you on your butt as he started taking off your bikini bra with his mouth, with some trouble but after a while successfully.
You did a small laugh as his struggle biting your lip when you felt his tong all over your breasts stopping on your right nipple licking him and sucking. You looked down and the water that only reached his knees so you putted your hands on his torso starting to lick slowly. He moans biting his sexy lip as his hands went on your hair. You started going low with your tongue into his V lines.
You looked up at him with a cheeky smile.
- “Are you really going to do that?” – He asked you turned on as ever. You could see his erection already in his shorts.
- “There’s a first time for everything” – You looked at him biting his lip as your tongue licked his V lines and as you grabbed with your teeth his shorts taking them down slowly.
He was already pretty hard so you start licking the tip of his penis as he moaned.
-“Fuck (Y/N)” – He moaned making pressure on your head to go all the way.
You putted all his manhood on your mouth doing movements in and out and going as deeper as you could choking sometimes.
-“Fuck me, you are amazing babe” – He says grabbing you hair hard and groaning.
 He was going harder and harder and it was getting hard for you to go deep but you tried your best. You were determinate to making him feel as good as he made you. He grabbed your hair with more pressure and moan louder and you knew we was about to come.
-“Dear god” – He moans with sweat all over his body as he cum in your mouth
You swallow all his juice standing up again facing him that was with a pleasure face.
He grabbed you harder on your hips and you moan as your body went against him. One of his hands went down on your sweet area touching you.
-“I make you already that wet?” – He says in a sexy voice in your ear.
You scratch his back felling your down area burning.
-“It’s the pool water” – You answer.
-“You naughty liar.” – He says grabbing with one hand your butt tightly and with another starting to finger you deeply and fast.
-“Zayn” – You moan on his neck as he stimulated your g spot over and over making all your body burn with pleasure.
You were overwhelming with the feeling of his fingers in side you and his breath on your skin.
-“You ready babe?” – He asked on your hear
-“Yes”- You said with a weak voice.
He takes of his fingers grabbing your hips and making his genital go inside you slowly and starting to thrust his hips against yours.
“- Come on Badboi, you can do it faster” – You begged on his ear
He smiled making the movements go faster and faster, as your hips were slamming against yours. You make your head go back moaning the pleasure loud.
The movements were getting faster and faster and your stomach tightened as you knew you were close.
-“ I’m coming” – You say in a moan
-“ Me too babe.” – He moans too with pleasure grabbing you so tightly it was starting to hurt but it only made it feel better.
You both climax at the same time and your breath were at the speed of light.
- “I love you (Y/N)” – He says with some difficulty because of his breathing:
- “I love you too” – You reply going on water to relax

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
So, this was the last of this preference. Hope you guys liked it. I would love to read some oppions. It’s bed time for me now. Kiss x

The new preferences are so good, so good, so good! xx

awwwww thank you! xx

a pref on a threesome with you and 2 of the boys?(; maybe even double penetration?

I already have ” You are having sex with him, and another band mate comes in” i think its similar no? :) x

You and the others boys from One Direction decided to go camping on the weekend to celebrate their second album release.
They decided it would be fun to play orientation in the woods, so they made teams and you obviously went with your boyfriend Liam. It was given to you guys a compass and you know you guys were screwed. Liam was terrible at orientation and you weren’t very good either.
- “Are you sure is this way?” – You asked following Liam.
- “Don’t worry princess.” – He says walking through the woods. – “It’s always south!”
You sigh. It wasn’t south at all but you let him go with a happy face.
- “And here we ar-aren’t.” – He sighs looking around when he reached a big and beautiful lake.
- “Well” – You go at his side looking at the lake – “We are on the opposite side were it was supposed to be.”
He looked at you with a sad puppy face.
-“I’m sorry babe. “
You did a little smile grabbing him by the hand and walking with him close to the lake.
-“Well, we could use our time to enjoy the lake.” – You say with a cheeky simile – “What do you think?”
He looked at you replying the cheeky smile.
-“But what if they worry about us?” – He says watching you.
- “We will be quick “– You start taking off your clothes, first your t-shirt, then your shorts leaving you only with underwear.
He started taking off his cloth too, his t-shirt, his jeans and letting only his batman boxers.
- “Can you help me?” – You teased him turning around asking him to unzip your bra.
He laughs making a cheeky smile.
-“Of course.” – His lips went on your neck as he slowly unbuttons your bra letting him fall in the ground.
You take of your panties as fast as you could running in to the lake.
- “The water is amazing!” – You say smiling and throwing water around.
He was staring at you with a big smile admiring every part of you, he was so in love.
-“Come!” – You say looking at him – “What are you waiting for?”
– He says taking off his boxers leaving them close to your underwear walking slowly in to the lake –“I was just admiring your beauty.”
You looked at him doing a little shy smile as he came closer to you grabbing you gently on your hips.
- “You are spoiling me with so many complements.” – You say with your cheeks a little red.
- “You deserve it. “– He says giving you a kiss on your forehead. –“As long as I am the only one spoiling you”
- “Obviously” – Your arms went around his waist making your bodies touch and you could felt his hard belly full of abs.
His hands went on your face kissing you passionately. You could hear your hearts synchronized, like you both were one.
Your finger started going down on his abs making him chills. His hands went down on your shoulders and into your chest cupping your boobs gently. You moan getting up on your toes so you could kiss him again. Your tongues were in a hot battle as his thumbs were on your hard nipples moving in circles making you getting even more turned on. He groaned on your mouth looking right in your eyes when he felt your hand in his penis starting to pump him slowly, teasing him.
His hands went down on your body, going to your curves and ending on your hot stop, where you were burning with desire. He starts massaging your clit and his fingers go closer to your hole.
- “God (Y/N) all of you is perfect “– He moan on your ear and you could feel in your hand his genital getting harder and harder.
You smiled starting to bit his neck slowly when you felt his fingers going inside you slowly.
He wasn’t going too deep, he knew you wanted, but he was just making you more and more turned on, making you wanting him even more.
When he started going deeper and deeper you could feel your walls clench around his fingers, you were at your limit.
- “Cum for me princess” – He said in a deep and low voice in your ear making you go absolutely crazy and finally your juice came out on his fingers.
He putted his fingers on his mouth licking and sucking it off tasting you.
You looked at him trying to get your breath back to normal. He grabbed you gently by your leg making you in a comfortable position.
-“Are you ok?” – He asked you looking right into your eyes.
You nod positively with your head and he grabbed with the other hand your hip. You felt his penis touch your entrance making you groan as he went deep in to you.
His movements went from really slow and deep to really fast hard and even deeper. All your body was shaking from the movements and you were holding on tightly with your nails on his back.
Your bodies were sweaty and burning, you could hear on your neck his heavy breath. He grabbed your ass tightly and you moan making your head go back.
“- I’m almost there.”- He says with the movements faster and faster. –“ Cum with me (Y/N)”
You were at your limit too, but at the same time you wanted to be there forever, it was felling so could, a feeling you could never explain
- “Liam” – You scream as you both climax.
He lets your leg to down and you both fall into the lake with a pleasure smile on your faces.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I’m running out of ideas of this one. Thank god Zayn is the last! Anyway, thank you for all the positive comments I have received! xx

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