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Preferences - One Direction

You had a really important swimming competition the next day, so you asked your boyfriend, Harry, to lend you his house pool. You were wearing your professional swimsuit, your bathing cap and your swim glasses. In your opinion you looked like and alien, but Harry always said it made you look sexy.
-“Ok, one more”- You say starting to swim into the other side of the pool.
-“Don’t you think you should take a break?” – You hear a masculine voice while you were swimming stopping and seeing Harry completely naked.
-“Wow” – You said taking off your swim glasses and looking at him. – “And what kind of break are you thinking of? “ – You knew perfectly what he was thinking.
He looked at you with a cheeky smile jumping in the pool and coming to the surface of the pool with his curls all wet and perfectly falling on this face.
He came close to you grabbing you on your waist.
- “Well, what about a little morning sex?” – He says with a lovely smile.
You raised your eyebrow looking at him.
- “I have a really important swimming competition Hazza, If I don’t practice I”- He interrupted you
- “ I know Kitten.” – His hand went you or hair taking of your bathing cap and letting your fair fall perfectly. – “But I miss you” – He did a sad face starting to give you little kisses on your check
- “We have been up all night Harry.” – You looked at him biting your lip
- “And we have been apart for more than 2 hours, that’s too much!” – He leaned his forehead on yours and you could see his beautiful emerald eyes. He looked at you with passionate eyes making you fall right into him.
You kissed his lips and he made a cheeky smile against your lips. His hands went behind your back unzipping your swimsuit and he take off gently kissing your neck.
- “You’re beautiful (Y/N) “– He says while his hands went up and down your body. You moan when he pressed you against the swimming pull and he hands went on your breasts massaging them. You lean your head on this shoulder moaning against his skin
He lips moved down to your chest as he kissed and licked all over before taking one of your aching nipples in his mouth. With your hands you grabbed his curls and your head went back. It was amazing how everytime he touched you it felt like it was the first time, and you wanted him more, and more.
He stopped licking your nipples that were already as hard as it could be and his fingers went on your mouth as he bit his lip looking at you.
- “Suck it.” – He said horny as ever.
You could feel his genital on your crouch as you start licking and sucking his fingers slowly always staring at his eyes. He was with a pleasure face and licking his lips.
- “Good Kitten” – He said taking his fingers from your mouth and putting into you hard and fast.
- “God Harry” – You groan loud and scratch his back with your nails.
He started with movements in and out, everytime deeper, stimulating your g spot over and over. Your walls tightened around his fingers and he knew you were close.
- “Wait a little longer” – He said kissing your lips as you moan on his mouth.

You were at your limit, all your body was burning as hell.
He fingered you faster and faster and you couldn’t take any longer groaning as loud as you could.
- “You look perfect when you come” – He said with a pleasure smile kissing you.
- “You are killing me” – You say breathing fast and felling your heart about to explode.
- “I love you.” – He said looking you right in the eyes and making you turn around against the pool wall.
- “This isn’t comfortable at”- You were about to finish talking when you felt his penis go right inside you from behind – “Fuck” – You moan grabbing the edges of the pool strongly.
He started going fast and deeply and he head was resting on your shoulder. You were overwhelmed with pleasure moaning faster and louder.
-“Come on, you love it.” –He says in a deep and week voice in your ear as he made you go against the pool wall harder as he went deeper.
You pull your head back laying on this shoulder as he grabbed your hips tightly.
- “I’m almost.” – He moan on your ear and you could feel his heart was beating fast too
- “Wait a little longer” – You quoted him with a smile. He laughed groaning next trying to hold on the best he could.
- “Oh god (Y/N)” – He moan loud and you smile with pleasure.
You knew he couldn’t hold it anymore and when he came you both climax only hearing you both groaning and with heaven breathe.
- “You can practice now” – He said with a cheeky smile giving you a kiss on your check

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So what do you guys think? I would love to read opinions please! :C

Yesterday was your boyfriend, Louis, birthday and so he decided he wanted to spend all day, and night, with you so you guys decide to go camping in the woods.
It was the morning after and you looked at your right seeing that he was still sleeping like a little baby. Your night had been stirred, at least.
You carefully walk out of your tend and looked around, it was a beautiful summer morning. You started walking closer to the lake that was crystal clear and shining. Nobody was around so you just felt a huge need to get in the lake. You start taking off your big pajama’s t-shirt. You weren’t wearing bra so you just had to take of your panties and you were as you came to the world.
One foot at the time you walked in the lake feeling chills all over your body. It was cold but at the same time warm.
-“What a perfect view” – You looked behind you and you see Louis staring at you in his boxers with a cheeky smile.
-“ Want to join me?” – You turn around to face him with the water only covering your belly.
He starts walking closer to the lake taking off his boxers and going in the water.
-“Wow” – He says and you could see his arms with chicken skin.
He gets closer to you grabbing you tightly on your hips and your bodies touch.
-“Thank you for this amazing birthday, it was the best ever.” –He says looking you right in the eyes. You give him a little shy smile as your arms go around his neck.
- “You’re welcome” – You say seeing his amazing blue eyes shining – “I love you.”
- “I love you more (Y/N)” – Finally his lips come to yours and he leans on a calm and deep kiss. His hands started to come up at your boobs starting to rub and grasp gently. His finger goes on your nipples.
-“That hard already?” – He says with a cheeky smile.
You bitten your lip as your hand went down on his crouch grabbing his genital.
-“That hard already?” – He moaned as he felt your hand making him go even harder. He bitted his lip as his mouth went down on your chest and his tongue lick over each of your nipples before taking in his mouth.
You could feel your lower parts heating up as you grabbed his hair firmly and bitted your lip groaning.
Your hand was starting to pump him slowly and you could feel his breath on your breast. He stopped licking your boobs coming up to your face with a small distance from your lips. He was with a pleasure face, and you could feel his breathing was as fast as yours.
For your surprised he turned you around leaning your body tightly against his. You could feel against your back his penis that was even harder.
His hands went over all your body stopping on your sweet area.
You moan louder when you felt his two fingers go into you deeply.
-“You like it?” –He whisper on your ear with a dirty and deep voice.
He didn’t even let you answer, he as fingering you harder and faster that the only thing you could do his groan.
You were arching your back as his other hand went up to your breasts again and his tongue was on your neck.
-“Louis, fast please” – You begged with a weak voice.
He smiled at your voice and turned you around again to face you.
His lips join yours in a a passionate kiss. You could feel his genital on your entry.
-“Stop teasing Louis!”- You begged against his shoulder
- “ I love seeing you like that.” – He said with a cheeky smile and penetrate right into you.
You scratch his back hardly making him moan. He started going hard and fast grabbing on of your legs.
- “I don’t see you enjoying that much.” – He teased you biting his lip and going even harder.
You moan as louder as you could.
-“You’re an idiot.”– You say with your breath going so fast and your heart to beat the speed of light.
It was in this moments you could feel all your love for him, you could feel how much you needed him, and how much you were addicted to him.
-“Almost there”- He says in a moan as you both were about to climax.
You both moan loud when you both came and you grabbed him in a tight hug.
- “Happy birthday again” –You whisper in his ear.

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Hope you guys like it :) I will try to do another one today *

he finds out you're pregnant? :)

nice suggestion, it’s going on the list x

I love the preferences! Do more!!! xx

Ow thank you so much :)
I will do more tomorrow, I with no imagination at all :(

GOD GURL!! that was like AWESOME!!!! exactly like I imagined but even better!!!! :D :D

ooooooooow, thank you so much :’)


- “Its freezing” – You say coming in the middle of the night to his garden pool
- “More romantic then” – He says grabbing your waist from behind as you guys stared at the pool that was reflecting the moon.
It’s been a long time since you have the opportunity to be like this with him, he was always busy, or touring or in interviews, you both question yourselves if this relationship should go on but you care to much for each other to break up.
- “Come” – He took off his shirt and pants walking only in boxers at the stairs of the pool.
You looked at him with a little cheeky smile taking off your sweater and your leggings going in his direction only in underwear.
He entered the pool helping you.
- “It’s impossible! “– You said shaking and feelling all your body numb.
He grabbed you, swimming with you until one of the pools wall were you both had feet.
- “I could get you warmer.” – He said with a cheeky smile moving his hands on your body.
You did a cheeky smile too, putting your hands around his neck starching sofly his soft hair.
His cold lips touched yours and you started kissing passionately. You felt his hands going behind your back to unzip your bra making him go under the pool
You moan on his mouth on you felt his hand touched your breasts and massaging your cold and hard nipples. Your hands went down his torso as you scratch his abs.
He started kissing your neck and with one hand folding your breast and nipple and with the other going down to your sweet area.
You moan and your breath was freezing, you could see him. You arched your back when you felt his fingers go deep inside you as we used his thumb to massage your clit.  We was looking at your face all the time to see how turned on you were. His fingers were in and out at the begging slowly but then fast at the point we putted three fingers on you. You started moaning louder and with a cheeky and pleased smile he kissed you. You could feel he was pretty hard too, since you could feel his penis on your belly pressuring.
Your walls were getting tightened on his fingers and he knew you were about to come.
You finally groan loud as you came. He looked at you and smiling seeing a pleasure smile on your face. You put our hand on his hair pulling his face closer and kissing him hopelessly as your tongues battled.
He grabbed gently your legs making them go up around his waist.
-“Are you ready babe?” – He asked against your lips
You knew he was at his limit, he cheeks were red and you could felt his stiff member close to you
You nodded your head in a positive way. He kissed you again making his way into you slowly. You stretch his back harder and biting your lip not to moan.
- “Let it go.” – He said with a deep voice in your ear.
You start moaning louder as he went deep on you. He started moving in and out, and for minutes you were thinking If you were on heaven.
The movements were getting faster and deeper making you groan loud. He grabbed you tightly on your waist making you go against the pool wall harder and harder.
-” Oh god Niall” – You screamed laying your head back and breathing fast.
-” I love you.” – He said with more spend almost coming. – "I love you so much (Y/N)"
- ” I love you too “ – You say with difficulty.
And then the climax came. You both try to recover your breath
We hugged you tightly and you could feel his heart pumping loud and fast as yours.
- “We should go get warm" – You say against his neck.
- “You are right babe”. – He said stroking your hair.

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Sooo, what do you guys think? :) I think of doing Louis next x

request : you work out together(gym)

Hey, thank you for the request, it’s going on the list xx

Hey can you do a preference when he help when you get bullied on the streets? And he dosen't know you and became lovers from strangers. Can't wait for your next preferece. I like your blog:)

Yes I can! Thank you so much ! x

Can you do a preference where you're both cheating on each other? :)

Yes I can. :) Thank you for the suggestion, it’s going on the list x

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